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Make-up artist

Justina Gafaro

"Justina Gafaro, a renowned makeup artist, stands as a prominent figure among Lithuania's celebrity makeup artisans. Having received education in the prestigious locales of Paris and Hollywood, Justina garners recognition for her distinctively refreshing makeup aesthetics, extensive beauty workshops, and her unwavering commitment to empowering women to embrace their utmost confidence and beauty."

"Having traversed the globe while collaborating with diverse clientele across television, theatre, and fashion advertisements, Justina has honed her distinctive makeup artistry, earning admiration from numerous women.

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Delightful and effortless part of one's daily routine

"My aim is to impart a sense of individuality to each woman, coupled with the essential aspect of imparting knowledge and techniques that streamline the beauty regimen, making it a delightful and effortless part of one's daily routine."

After a decade entrenched in various sectors of the beauty industry, Justina discerned a void in the market—a dearth of user-friendly, premium makeup products tailored for the contemporary, time-pressed woman of today.


"We all desire swift, effortless routines and demand nothing less than superior quality in our beauty essentials. Despite the abundant array of cosmetics available today, navigating this plethora can still leave us feeling adrift.

My aspiration is to demystify the beauty regimen, offering universal makeup solutions that naturally accentuate one's most exquisite features."

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